Birthing Journeys Birth Trauma Support Group

Empathy, Validation, Normalisation & Acceptance

Birthing Journeys

The purpose of Birthing Journeys is to support families who have experienced traumatic pregnancies and births.  If you've ever expressed feelings, such as you didn't feel comfortable with something that happened or was done to you during your care or something, "just doesn't feel right" and you received a respose such as, "at least you have a healthy baby and that's the main thing" then birthing journeys is the place for you. 

Too often I hear women tell me stories such as, "I had to have a cesarean and I really didn't want to, but baby is healthy, so that's ok".  These words are coming out of their mouths, but their eyes tell me a different story; one of pain, loss, sorrow, heartbreak and disconnectionNo woman should feel like this!

Birthing Journeys Support Group is a safe environment where women can share their birth stories and receive empathy to assist with their healing journey.  Sharing birth stories in a safe, non-judgemental space and hearing other's stories has proven to help heal from birth trauma as your experience is normalised and respected.

There is a library of resourses available for loan and a network of skilled Psychologists, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Yoga instructors, Art therapists & Midwives availabe for you if you feel the need.

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My Story

I experienced a medically complicated 1st pregnancy that resulted in a pregnancy and birth very different to the one I had hoped for. It was very traumatic and stressful and as a result I suffered post natal depression and could not bond with my baby for many months post partum. I embarked on a journey to heal myself, determined to create the much longed for bond with my baby and recover from my birth trauma. I have since had a 2nd pregnancy and birth. They were amazing experiences that have changed me as a woman. My healing experience has empowered me to become a stronger woman with a passion for helping other women to heal from traumatic births.